Dr. Watts is world famous for his accomplishments as a plastic surgeon at Johns Hopkins University — the #1 medical school in the world. There he worked closely with presdential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, and is president of AAAASF - the “Gold Standard in Accreditation” of surgical outpatient facilities. But once Dr. Watts turned his attention to hEGF, he realized the power it had to counteract dead skin on dry, damaged feet.

Dr. Watts — who is also an Army Major — created a radical foot-healing formula for his patients using hEGF, and the results were incredible. So he conducted a clinical trial for a group he knew had serious foot issues — retired Army veterans! During a 4 week trial, 32 veterans with severe dry, painful feet were given FootMedix to use twice a day. After 4 weeks, 100% of users reported improvement... and 96% reported results they considered phenomenal.

Best of all, FootMedix started to work after just the first use...within minutes. It was then Dr. Watts knew he had created a revolutionary formula that could help the millions of people suffering from dry, cracked, painful feet. FootMedix, from Dr. Watts’ new company DermalMedix, is an at-home solution that can be used by anyone to restore the health of their feet.

Dr. Watts also speaks annually at the United Nations on the topic of medical safety and ethics. As such, he is committed to making sure FootMedix, and all DermalMedix products, are 100% safe for people of all skin types, and will never do any harm to your skin.


The primary ingredient in FootMedix that stimulates the rapid-healing process is hEGF (human epidermal growth factor), a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient that significantly increases blood flow by dilating the blood vessels.

FootMedix also contains Dimethicone, a powerful perspiration blocker and antifungal ingredient that keeps your feet soft and fresh. The other primary ingredients in FootMedix are antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and soothing Shea Butter, a deep dermal moisturizer. For a complete list of the ingredients in FootMedix, click here. (link to ingredient list


FootMedix has been deemed safe for people of all ages and skin types. It is a gentle, non-greasy, soothing topical formula that promotes the natural healing process of your skin. Of course, because some people’s skin respond differently to certain ingredients, we recommend doing a “patch test” before beginning treatment with any new formula: simply rub a small, quarter-size sample of FootMedix on a contained area of your skin (we recommend the inside of your arm, or the back of your knee). In the unlikely event you experience any sort of skin irritation, discontinue use immediately. Otherwise, feel free to proceed enjoying the many skin health benefits of FootMedix!